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Workshop 19 - 20 May 2011

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JOSH KAPLAN AND MIKAEL MADSEN     USA and Denmark   10/6/2011 
The sociology of international law Josh Kaplan and Mikael Rask Madsen of the Center for Studies in Legal Culture at the University of Copenhagen convened a group of sociologists, anthropologists and socio-legally oriented law scholars to consider an emergent area of inquiry: the sociology of international law. We discussed a range of approaches, levels and units of analysis and the sorts of questions best suited to them. Since we set out to create cross-disciplinary dialogue on a relatively ill-defined field, we were delighted to find considerable synergy and connections between presentations and presenters, particularly given the range of approaches represented in our workshop. Much of the success of the event can be attributed to the congenial atmosphere generated by the mix of very collegial participants, the surrounding mountains, and the dedication and engagement of Institute staff. Though many participants arrived late in the evening the night before the workshop began, Malen Gordoa brought us together for drinks and pintxos, setting the tone for two days of discussion and debate, both within the seminar room and without. The outstanding support from the Institute, not to mention participation by the Institute’s Director, Sol Picciotto, himself a scholar of international law, enabled us to focus on the intellectual content and aims of our conversation. Not only did this opportunity make possible a dialogue across countries and disciplines that would not otherwise have taken place, it also sparked what we hope to be a long-term collaboration.
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