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Workshop 14 - 15 Abril 2011

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LIBARDO ARIZA Y MANUEL A. ITURRALDE     Colombia   7/6/2011 
The workshop Punitive Practices and Global Governance held in Oñati on April 14 and 15 gathered young scholars from Euskadi, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and Colombia in order to discuss the impact of globalization in the importation, adoption and, in some cases, imposition of punitive practices and institutions created in specific contexts. The workshop participants analyzed three main topics: first, the relationship between the definition of criminal conducts and their transnational response. Second, the ways in which certain local institutions are incorporated by other legal fields, and the impact of such reception in local legal cultures. Particular attention was paid to the legal transplant of penitentiary management models created in specific countries (mainly the United States), together with their manuals designed for prison governance. Third, the forms in which certain punitive phenomena, intensified by globalization, are governed by punitive practices and institutions, such as the growing migration flows. Participants discussed how the sheer intensity of contemporary migration, especially from the South to the North, be it for political or labor reasons, has encountered a fundamentally punitive response from receiving countries, expressed in different repressive practices and institutions. The workshop participants agreed to continue working on the topics discussed in order to make a publication and to create an international network of young scholars who are developing original research on such topics. For further information, please contact the workshop coordinators, both professors of the Law Department at Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá-Colombia): Libardo José Ariza: Manuel Iturralde:
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